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Meet Sean Temoney, Our Head Brewer

Meet Sean Temoney, one of the creative craftsmen behind the wide variety of beers at Makai Brewing Company. His journey to professional brewer started with his passion for homebrewing—specifically mead. He really enjoyed the freedom of coming up with his own recipes but also liked the social aspect of being a part of the homebrewer community. That’s when he gave serious thought to turning his hobby into a career.

Sean entered the Craft Beer Brewing program at Wake Tech in Raleigh, North Carolina where he learned the nuts and bolts of brewing from fermentation to instrumentation to racking room operations to bottle shop operations. The program included a hands-on, 120-hour internship with Makai. Now, after a-year-and-half, Sean will be Makai’s next Head Brewer.
Brewing beer is a meticulous craft that requires precision and creativity. From selecting the finest ingredients to monitoring fermentation, every step is crucial. Sean takes pride in his ability to blend flavors harmoniously, resulting in unique and delightful brews.

What Sean enjoys most about his job might surprise you. While he spends most of his days behind the scenes in the back of the house, he’s always focused on customer service and that starts with giving customers a quality, consistent beer experience every time.

He also loves the opportunity to experiment and push boundaries. Whether incorporating unconventional ingredients or exploring innovative brewing techniques, Sean thrives on the thrill of creating something new. And at Makai, he is getting that opportunity.

In the off-season, Sean will be flexing his creative muscles working on experimentals and one-offs that let him showcase his personality and skills, offering locals (and visitors) some new flavors and styles to try.

Next time you stop by Makai Brewing, say hello to Sean! He loves talking to customers about beer and sharing his passion and knowledge.